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The Extremely Worst Architecture Failure

The Extremely Worst Architecture Failure

Welcome to our list of 10 incredible architectural failures. The following collection of architectural failures is might be funny of course, but surely the worst case. It ranges from the foolish or dangerous architectural projects designs. Our list is far from exhaustive and not intended to be definitive. This information is not an appropriate manner too.
So Let's Start:


This construction of the traffic signal is so unworthy. People can't see it and so that no matter about follow of traffic rules.


This slider has been definitely bought for kids to play, but as you can see in the image, The slider is placed in the wrong place. Well, no one can enjoy this.



Steps near the window, I seriously don't understand the moto behind to construct these steps. I didn't see before, if you did see then please comment down.



Oh, Shit! the one of the most hilarious construction ever. Why there is an almirah for tissue. Quite difficult to use for that who is seating on this toilet.



How? where? Gosh! I really don't know how people will come and stand on this balcony? What the use of it. The designer should think.



The barrier in your way. Exactly you can see there is a street-pole in the middle of the way, How people use this way only the God knows. 



I am not able to describe this incredible steps. You might take it as the Blind Turn. The Blind Turn of Constructor, sure.



Why this swing is under construction, Oh! I'm sorry. I mean under the Wall. The "best Heartbreaker Ever"



No No No... You can't slide here, said by Mr. Tree. All of the swing & slider are around the trees, the best Eco-Friendly Swings!, but not for kids.


Well, you will understand from this image, that it will be quite dangerous, for the people who are living with this shocking tap.

So this is our list of worst architecture failure, tell us in a comment did you like it or not. If you have a different one then please share it with us.


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